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Intermittent 403 errors

My wife is getting intermittent 403 HTTP errors when using the forum.

I'm not getting them, despite being on the same Three mobile connection to access the forum.

We're both using Chrome, I've tried clearing her cookies for the forum just in case.

The 403s look like this:

403 Forbidden. Requested URL: /entry/signin?Target=discussions&DeliveryType=VIEW Referring URL: Your IP:

Sometimes reloading the page makes it load properly.


  • If you are using the chrome speed boost facility then you are probably accessing the forum via a google proxy server, you won't always end up going through the same proxy which means your session can be interrupted and the forum server thinks you aren't logged in anymore / or that you are accessing from a different location. Reloading the page sometimes causes you to access via the previous proxy which was logged in and has the previous ip - the forum server recognizes this and lets you back in again.

    You can prove this if you disable the chrome speed boost thing, think this was a new feature and you may not have it on your version of chrome which is why you aren't experiencing this issue.

    It could be something else of course, and the forum might not be set up to boot people when their ip changes...

  • I don’t think that can be the cause in this case, the IP address reported in the 403 error was our IP address not that of some Google server.

    But I will double check the Chrome setup just in case.

  • You might have gone through the proxy the first time and not the second time

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