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Anyone thinking of selling 2/3 bedroom home?

Should you be thinking of selling your home in Wivenhoe, I'd be grateful if you could keep my information.  I grew up in Norfolk and while currently living in the USA I would like to return to live in East Anglia.  My heart is set on Wivenhoe, to be close to family. close to tidelands and to be a productive member of the community.  I'm happy to participate in a "sale by owner", and ideally would like to purchase an older home, (house, not flat), by the end of January 2019.  Price range up to $350,000. 


  • Hello,
    We have a 3 bedroom house on Dene Park that could be suitable for you?
  • Thank you Jerry.  I'm searching for a home of Victorian age or older.


  • ....and the original notice should have been quoting pounds not dollars....
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