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Business Breakfast with the WNP

edited January 2014 in Neighbourhood Plan
The Business Breakfast is being planned as part of the ongoing consultations carried out by the Steering Group.

This consultation is  specific to the BUSINESS COMMUNITY and is aimed at traders and business people located in Wivenhoe, including people carrying on a business from home.

The date is Thursday 20 February, from 8-9 am at the Black Buoy.
Invitations and more details will follow, but put the date in your diaries now and please spread the word among the business community.


  • Confirming that the event will be held as above.
    Bacon rolls, croissants, coffee and chat.

    If you're on the WBA emailing list, you will have received an invitation to respond by email.

    Now even easier: you can book your place by filling in the contact form here.
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