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Looking for 1-2 Bed Property to rent in Wivenhoe/Arlesford

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Good morning all

Please post anonymous:

Looking for a property to rent long term in Wivenhoe/Arlesford area long term 3+ years. 

1-2 bedroom house/flat up to £900. Ideally 1 bedroom,  I'm a professional in full time employment. 

Leave a comment below and I'll get in contact with yourself. 

Thank you :) 


  • Hi @Joe22 and welcome to the forum.

    "Please post anonymous" you said, but members can only post under their user name. Some are anonymous, some are not.

    I recommend reading the "How to.... guide" at the top, and see how you can privately message each other on here.

    Good luck.
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    I think it was copied and pasted from a Facebook post on Spotted Wivenhoe.
  • I have a 2-bed property to rent, available from 10th July. 29 Alma St, lower Wivenhoe. Also has own parking space and small courtyard garden. £895 pcm. Call me today if you’re interested - 07957 601556
    I was about to advertise the house when I saw your post!
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