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Wivenhoe History talk next Tuesday 19th Sept at 7.30pm

The next Open Meeting of the Wivenhoe History Group is next Tuesday, 19th September at 7.30pm with guest speaker John Foster who will give an illustrated presentation about Census and Parish records involving pictures and old maps of Wivenhoe. John has been working on these records for over two years analysing them using software which he has written especially to help him do just this. His talk a year ago was fascinating and this year's one will see the advances he has made.

Non-members are very welcome to come. The meeting will be held upstairs in the Wivenhoe Sailing Club, Walter Radcliffe Way, Wivenhoe CO7 9WS. There is an admission charge of £2 per person to cover costs.    

Please also note that we are organising a public lecture in St Mary's Church on Friday 13th October with author Liz Trenow about silk weaving and the fascinating history about it. 

Peter Hill, Chairman, Wivenhoe History Group  -  tel: 01206 823073


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