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Wivenhoe Memories Exhibition

My Exhibition will be held at the William Loveless hall, High Street Wivenhoe, CO7 9AB.
26-27-28th August.  Opening times are 10am-6pm all three days.  Admission is free but any donations to the Wivenhoe Mayors Charity which funds all good causes in the village ,so you know where your money went.
Refreshments will be available ,home made cakes and teas.
You will be able to see hundreds of old photo's of the village and some old maps of where your house is 
There is plenty of room between tables for push chairs and disabled transport. It is a great social event, with visitors from all around the U.K. and i have some visitors coming over from Australia .  If anybody would like to help in the cafe serving you will be most welcome.  If you would like to trace your ancestors i have the Internet in the hall, so just ask me at the desk as you come into the hall, there will also be a stand from the Essex family history society.
You should be able to see it all in a half day but you might not be able to take it all in.
There will be several model boats on display of the type built in Wivenhoe.
 If you have any queries email me   [email protected]   or tel.01206 825358 after 6pm.

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