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History Mtg - Tues 16th May - About the Sanfords and their significance in the 1800s

The illustrated talk at this meeting of the Wivenhoe History Group will be given by Frances Belsham, a member of the Group, who has been researching the Sanford family who were very significant here in the 1800s. Sadly, after three generations, there were no male children to carry the name forward. At least the family left a considerable legacy for Wivenhoe though.
For some inexplicable reason everyone, except the family themselves of course, have always been very keen to spell their surname with a D. This is incorrect. The family always spelt their surname Sanford.
This meeting is on Tuesday 16th May at 7.30pm and will be upstairs in the Wivenhoe Sailing Club.
Non-members are very welcome to attend. We ask everyone to pay £2 at the door to cover our costs.
Peter Hill, Chairman


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