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Summary of the neighbourhood plan

I'm starting this new thread because some reactions to the Summary of the WNP are getting lost on other threads.

It's important that feedback is also left on the website: but at least, by trying to group comments together here, the people who need to know will not have to comb through other threads to find them ;)


  • All in all I think this is a fairly balanced summary, but obviously the devil is in the detail and with regard to housing there is not too much to go on.  Obviously we now know that we will get 250 more houses and we have a breakdown of their type but not the figures for the four sites outlined, look forward to learning that in the new year.

    Clearly the idea that any development north of the A133 should fall within the priority admission area for any Wivenhoe School is absurd and a non starter and I'm not convinced that the Schools as currently configured could cope with the 250 houses proposed, but obviously priority admission areas can and will, be redrawn (merely shifting the problem elsewhere?)

    Wholeheartedly agree with 11.12 STREET SCENE and a start could be made tomorrow by removing all of those redundant speed camera signs as they're not fooling anyone (unfortunately).

    As the report says "At this point nothing is set in stone", which is reassuring.

    (The 250 houses will be set in concrete.)

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