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Shipyard Studios InsideOut 2015

We have some truly lovely work to show in our annual Spring exhibition which coincides with Open Gardens on the first weekend (16th/17th May).  We open 15th-25th May and all details can also be found at .  If you haven't been before, do come and have a look - we've something for everyone and prices from under £10 to over £500!   If you're a regular visitor, then be assured that we have both familiar favourites and exciting new exhibitor's work for you to admire!imageimageimageimage


  • The exhibition is looking really lovely......and the garden is open today as well.  
  • Unfortunately we won't be open tomorrow, Monday 18th May until 3pm due to unforeseen circumstances.  Usual opening times from Tuesday 19th through to Monday 25th May 10am - 5pm. 

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