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Call for entries - University of Essex Art Competition

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It's our 50th Anniversary this year and so we are calling for entries for artworks that relate to the University. Please see attached poster and link.  I have A3 posters for anyone who might like to display one.

This competition is open to everyone. The closing date is 1 February. Entries can be anything; from traditional painting to spoken word. Selected artworks to be displayed/ performed in an exhibition at the University. Prizes of £100 and the chance to have your work displayed in one of our new landmark buildings to the winners of 3 categories. Children will be awarded a hamper of art goodies to encourage their creativity. Please let me know if you have any questions I'd be really pleased to help. Email: [email protected] 

I'm really excited to receive your entries! 




  • Tried clicking on the link and got an accessed denied message but it worked when I copied the address into my browser.
  • Hi Kate, this Uni poster reminds me of what might be termed "The Lost Painting".
    I refer to a painting by one of Wivenhoe's finest artists, Roy Cross (long deceased). He donated a large work of art which I vaguely recall to be a landscape, about 6'x4' although I can't be precise.It was 50 years ago after all.
    I remember because I framed the picture with a gold leaf &  green velvet moulding.This was Roy's & my gift to commemorate the establishment of the University of Essex in 1965. The painting hung on the wall of the Wivehoe House staircase for some time, but vanished from there & I never saw it again.
    I've asked a few people from the University at odd times, but nobody recalls it's existence.

  • A few years ago I was trying to track down the whereabouts of a painting which I thought might still be at Wivenhoe House and I was directed towards a local government art collection stashed away in the bowlers of some building.  I just can't remember now how I located this.  It may have been through the Colchester and Ipswich museum service rather than CBC or ECC.  It may be worth your making general inquiries about this.  I'll try to track down the contact I spoke to and come back to you if I can find it.
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    It was (in 2010):

    Steve Yates

    Documentation Officer

    Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service

    Tel : 01206 282471

  • Thanks Queenie, I checked out those tips & also had a chat with Kate who said she'd investigate. The Colchester & Ipswich Museum service are concerned with the Uni concerning art works they have let out on loan, not those owned by the Uni. The Roy Cross was owned by the Uni.
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