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"Idyllic Wivenhoe" A Book of Wivenhoe Images Now for sale

When we look at a scene with our eyes and then take a photographic
image we are often disappointed by the resulting image not looking as
we viewed it. Ie there is often a loss of detail in the bright or dark
areas. This is because our eyes have a resolution power three times the
processing power of the most sophisticated camera. By using the HDR
photographic technique and capturing multiple photographs at different
exposure levels of the same scene and combining them to produce one
final photograph, the resulting image has a broader tonal range and no
loss of detail in bright or dark areas.

I hope that my images of Wivenhoe convey the beauty of this
idyllic Essex village by combining the various elements of careful
artistic composition, optimum lighting conditions and precision
processing. My desire is also that the variety of Wivenhoe scenes
captured on camera will provide a lasting documentation of the
village Wivenhoe for future generations to enjoy in this ever changing
world of ours.

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