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  • How big is it Marika?
  • Sorry, should have said.
    A4, but can do A3 as well.
  • Can we have a poster please. A4 would be ideal. Also laminated so we can put it on a tree outside our house. We are at 32 Field Way, CO7 9HG.
    Many thanks.
    Chris & Chris Wagland.

  • @ChrisDWag
    Thanks Chris, I've put your name on the list!
  • I've attached a high res version of the poster below if anyone wants to print it off. We've allowed through the usual 250kb limit for this file only. You should still be fine to download it.image
  • Do you have laminated ones?  If so i could put one on our fence.

  • Laminated is possible.
    I'm making a list of people's requests- shall I put you down for one?
    (you can PM me your address)
  • Brilliant! Thanks @Daisy. I've put you on the list.
  • I'm doing some copying later today.
    If there are any more Forum takers for a poster, please do say!
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