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Community Consultation day Saturday 22 November

Last December almost 1000 residents filled in a 12-page questionnaire about Wivenhoe.
The results of that survey were published in short form in the Digest booklet that was put around the town (and is still available from the Town Council offices).

Since then eight working groups have studied all the comments in detail.
They have brought forward proposals for the draft plan.
The Community Consultation Day is when those proposals will be available for comment by the community.

There's more detail here.
This is the first consultation on the proposals and it's really important that as many as possible of Wivenhoe's residents get to know about this.
We'll be using posters around the town as part of the publicity.

It would be wonderful if we could get AT LEAST ONE POSTER ON SHOW IN EVERY STREET!
Let us know if you're up for it.
They look great - as you can see.


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