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"30 Years of 12PM" - S E P T E M B E R-- workshops, talks and demonstrations

"30 Years of 12PM"
S  E  P  T  E  M  B  E  R 
Workshops, Talks, and Demonstrations at The Minories

* Saturday 13th, 2pm, CARL BORGES -- Workshop/Demonstration, Hand Burnishing Colchester Print.

* Friday 19th, 6pm, GAY HUTCHINGS, DOUG SELWAY, RON SIMS, ELIZABETH MORRIS, BELINDA KING, KAAVOUS CLAYTON -- Discussion on the history of 12PM, the nature of the group, organisation, printmaking and more.

* From Saturday 27th of September to Friday 3rd of October, Everday from 10am-5pm, DOUG SELWAY -- A week long artist residency producing monoprints and reliefs.

* Tuesday 30th, 11am-3pm, AL BROWN -- Large woodcut printing session

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