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Wivenhoe Forum 2.1 - How To... Guide (updated for 2.2)

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Sending a Private Message (PM)

The best way to send a PM with another user is to access your Inbox via the inbox icon in the right hand side of the navbar. Use the New Message link to send a private message. Type in the Recipients name, compose a message and then hit Post Message.

When you receive a PM you will also get an email notification to the account that you singed up with. Please reply to any PM's via the forum functionality. If you try and reply directly to the auto-generated email notification then you will succeed in only sending an email to a non-existent forum email account.

Contacting a Moderator

To contact a member of the moderation team please send a PM to the @Moderator account using the method described above.

Adding an Image

There are two ways to do this.

(i) Attach an image via the forum server space. Use the ‘Attach a file’ link in the editor text box. Choose the file from your machine. If you want to insert the image into the post, hover your mouse over the image. Click the Insert Image button.

An image of 750 px wide is acceptable. Please do try and resize any images before uploading. There is a max file size set at 250KB.

If you want to publish a larger image…

(ii) Embed an image via an absolute url. Upload the image a third party host such as flickr (free accounts available.) Grab the absolute url. Paste this into the image button in the forum editor. The image will automatically be resized for the forum. Internal bandwidth will also be saved.

Downloading an Attached File

You need to be signed into the forum as a member to be able to download any file that has been uploaded by another user.


They're back! Simply press the 'quote' button under the post you wish to quote, and it will be added to your post.

Referencing Another User in a Post

You can reference another user in a post by tagging them, e.g. ‘How are you today @Jason?’  Depending on the notification preferences set up by the other user, an email and / or pop up will appear to alert them.

Changing Notification Preferences, Password and User Pic

Head to your profile page by clicking on your username in the top right of the navbar. Click on Edit Profile. You can also hide your email from other members by using the tickbox.

Editing a Post

Hover over the cog wheel to the right of the timestamp in your post. There is a one hour window in which to make any edits. Just a polite reminder that it is considered decent online etiquette to state if you have edited a post.

[edited because I got my original facts wrong]

...etc should suffice.

2.1 also now provides a timestamp to state when a post has been edited.

Bookmarking a Thread

You can bookmark a thread by clicking on the star next to the title in the main thread index. You will then receive an email notification or pop up whenever a new post appears in this thread, depending on your notification preferences. All threads that you have bookmarked can be accessed via the bookmark icon in the top right of the navbar.

Accessing My Discussions and Drafts

Any discussion that you have posted can be accessed in the My Discussions link in the right hand side panel. Ditto for any draft posts that you have saved.

Embedding Media

If you want to embed video or audio from other sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud etc, just grab the url of the content and paste it into the text box. The forum will automatically embed the video at an appropriate size.

Ignore Functionality

If you wish to ignore the postings of another user then this can be done via editing your profile. There is an option in there to add the names of any users who you wish to filter out from your own personal forum view.

Items For Sale Category

Posts in this category will not appear in the main All Categories page. There was a feeling that they were dominating other forum posts in the main discussions page.

Activity Function

Please IGNORE the Activity functionality in the menu. This is a pointless roll out by the Vanilla development team with a failed attempt to add a social media feel to the forum. Anything you post here is public. It is deeply embedded in the forum code. To remove it would likely make the forum a little less robust.

Wivenhoe Diary

If you would like a Wivenhoe Diary event to be added, simply email me with the name, date, time and location of the event: jason at wivenhoeforum dot co dot uk.

Facebook and Twitter Feed

Please don't expect much from the forum FB and Twitter feeds. They simply auto churn out any new content to each platform. You can like the FB page, or follow the Twitter feed. It's just another way of accessing the forum content.

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