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Wivenhoe artists group on Facebook

edited June 2014 in Wivenhoe Artists
I have just set up a wivenhoe artists Facebook group for local artists, photographers, musicians, writers and crafts people. Please feel free to join to promote your talent/advertise events and sell your work


  • This is such a brilliant idea. Congratulations Jane on starting this and i am sure there are lots of wonderful artists in wivenhoe who will benefit this.
  • Could a link be supplied for the facebook group?  Does one have to sign up to facebook to view it?
  • What a splendid idea.
  • Thanks, hopefully it will be a good outlet for all the fantastic artists in Wivenhoe to show off their varied talents to a wider audience :-)
    poopdecker - you would need to sign up to Facebook and search for Wivenhoe artists
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