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Young People survey

edited April 2014 in Neighbourhood Plan
The Steering Group has designed a short (9 questions) on-line survey aimed at young Wivenhovians in the 11-18 age group.
As it is difficult to 'collar' a significant number in this demographic, assistance was sought from the Colne Community school because the majority in this group attend there.
The school has agreed to help the Steering Group carry out this particular consultation and Wivenhoe pupils attending the Colne will be taking the survey this week and next week.

The Steering Group is aware that some in this age group attend elsewhere and has no wish to exclude any of them from the opportunity to express their views.
For obvious reasons, it would be impracticable to give out the survey's URL publicly as it needs to be limited to the group described above.
If you are a resident with children in this group who have not taken the survey at the Colne but who would like to take it at home, please send me a PM and I'll send you the URL.
The survey will close on 14 May.

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