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Update on the Neighbourhood Plan

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The post-survey analysis stage is now drawing to an end.
Publication of the survey results in the form of a 12-page Digest will follow, most likely in May; it would be nice to have it sooner but there's a lot of material to be processed and the steering group wants to get it right.

In the meantime, we have turned to the next stage of the project and are looking to recruit people to small working groups next.
You can read more about it on this web page.


  • Minutes of the Steering Group's April meeting are now on line:
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    The May minutes have now gone on line. You can use the link in the last post to get to the page.

    Fourteen residents have responded so far to the call to join the small working groups. Each working group will be headed up by a moderator (no...!) and all of these have come forward but there is still room for more members.
  • Yeah, I mean the data. Good to hear it'll be available - I shall enjoy nosing through it and seeing what you lot think ;)

    Thanks M.
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    A summary of the results of the town wide survey of last December has now been put on the WNP's website.
    This Digest can be read on line or downloaded as a pdf.

    Digest is also available as a hard copy from the Town Council offices,
    77 High Street and some have also been left in the library, estate
    agents, pubs, some local shops, post offices, railway station etc.
    A full version of all the analysed data will also be placed on the website as soon as it becomes available.

    Work on the Plan is now entering its next phase.
    The Steering Group is still interested in hearing from people who are prepared to join one of the Working Groups that are beginning work on 8 single topics to prepare proposals for the
    draft Plan.
    These WGs are of limited duration (probably only until September) and more information is available here.

  • Can we get the data?
  • @TTW-Jay
    If you mean the full survey data: these are still being proofed (it's an enormous wad of paper!) and will then also go on line.

    The Digest is a 12-page A5 size booklet containing excerpts from the full data, presented in a consumer friendly format.
    If you go to the WNP website and click on the Topics Navigator tab, you'll see the relevant sections have been linked to the eight working groups.
    Or you can download the whole Digest as a pdf.
  • You won't have to wait for the full data for that: the Digest also has percentages and graphs to show what 'us lot' thought.

    BTW I believe Alresford are thinking of doing a neighbourhood plan and I remember you posting that you had moved to Wivenhoe...
    Does that mean you may have missed out twice on taking part in a survey ;)?
  • oh, I'm nosier than that.
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    The Full Report of the survey is now on line.
    All 64 pages of it, with a neatly hyper-linked ToC.

    The 12-page Digestis also still available in quite a few places around the town, including the Town Council offices and the library. You're welcome to take a copy where you see them.
  • Peter's link above is to the latest uploaded document, with all the charts and tables included.
  • We have been setting up Working Groups of people to consider aspects of how we want Wivenhoe to evolve based on the evidence we have accumulated from the Survey of opinions we conducted last December.  The focus of the Group I am leading will be:

    a) Land Use and Development:  
        - Do we want to allow some more housing development, and if so where? What type should it be? What do we want in return for allowing more housing? What infrastructure improvements might be needed i.e. roads, schools, medical and community facilities etc. Some of the answers to these questions are in the Survey results, but not the details.   
    b) Open Space and Environment
       - Are there areas of land that we want protected from future development? People in Wivenhoe value the river for various reasons. Can we do more to enhance it or get more from it?  What about access to it and how about the more natural parts of the river and its banks? Do we need to give them some protection.
       - What about our green spaces around Wivenhoe? Do they need further protection? What can be done to enhance them for birds and other wild creatures, or for people? Could we propose more walking paths or cycle trails around Wivenhoe for example?   Are there places we actually don't want people to go because they are a special habitat?  Again clues are in the Survey but not the detail.

    To see the full analysis of the Survey, go to  

    If anybody would be interested in getting involved in helping to draft these aspects of the Plan for Wivenhoe's Future, please do get in touch with me by email [email protected].  Our first meeting is next Monday 14th July at 10am. We have room for a few more volunteers. Otherwise you can wait and see the results of what we write and vote to accept it or not when it is eventually published!! 

    Peter Hill
  • oh, I'm nosier than that.
    I take it you want the raw data file. We are planning to share all open answer comments at some point - just need time to make them readable - but the data file would require some tweaking to be viewable outside SPSS - and you'd need to be seriously into statistics to get much from it :)
    But let me know if you really want it and I'll try and get a .csv version.
    And if you fancy helping get it ready for general circulation then please feel free to volunteer :)
  • I'm seriously and nerdishly into statistics (I work in data analysis). Not free this week but could possibly offer some help after that. Hazel
  • @Rosalind
    There will be ongoing consultation with residents before anything goes to a vote.
    In the meantime, the more people respond to Peter's call for working group volunteers (there are 7 groups) the sooner there will be something to consult on.
  • From my experience, people already involved in the Neighbourhood Plan are more than happy to fit around anyone who wants to get involved. 
    This will be particularly true for the Working Groups which are very small and thus can be really flexible re time.

    I can't emphasise enough what an important part of the process this is in terms of getting involved  - the working groups will operate for a limited period, they can decide among themselves both methods of working and how best to consult and engage. If you were ever going to get more involved in the plan process, now is when you can have the most input. More people are needed in pretty much every area, and there is no limit to group size to even groups which currently have sufficient members would welcome more.

    I completely agree with Rosalind about the need for the groups to fit around all types of residents - working, retired, with and without kids - all views are needed. If you sign up as interested - and ideally suggest one or two groups you'd prefer to join - then you will be put in touch with the moderator and you can explain your availability.

    It is quite fun too - honestly!
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    And here is an overview of the Working Groups for anyone who may not have seen it on the NP web site, with an indication of their remit.
    There are now eight groups (again! as a new facilitator has come forward)

    Countryside, river and environment group, facilitator Rosalind Scott.
    Looks at issue of: biodiversity, different uses of outdoor green spaces and water for leisure, maintenance and preservation of green areas.

    Heritage & Townscape, facilitator Jane Black.
    Looks at issue including: history, development, character, conservation and preservation needs.

    Community, facilities and or leisure activities, facilitator Robert Needham.
    Looks at issues including: sports, allotments, cemeteries, playing fields, Health Centre, schools and Adult Education.

    Traffic and transport group, faciltator Tom Roberts.
    Looks at issues including: roads, parking, bus, train, cycling on highways.

    Residential development and land uses group, facilitator Peter Hill.
    Looks at issues including: housing generally, green areas within development, types of building, locations, ownership/renting options.

    Economic and business development group, facilitator Trazar Astley-Reid.
    Looks at issues including: retail outlets, business premises and sites, needs of self-employed, homeworkers, employment opportunities.

    Infrastructure group. facilitator David Allen.
    Looks at issues including: utilities in general e.g. communications, power supply, water, waste disposal, alternative energy.

    The University group, facilitator Moira Collett.
    Looks at issues including: employment, community engagement and facilities, expansion plans.

    The Working Groups will bring forward proposals for the draft Plan.
    These will be based on the available evidence- it’s not a matter of starting from scratch or having to make it all up; rather, the proposals will be a distillation of the evidence the steering group has already gathered.
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    Yes, we already have a community bus, but it's called the "community bus" on account of the signwriter we used for the very first one missing the "I" out. It's very useful and available for hire from Wivenhoe Town Council offices - as long as you've got someone with the right sort of licence to drive it.
  • I did type "communty" bus in my first post, but the stupid spell checker corrected it without my permission - it drives me potty sometimes!
  • I'm not sure, but are we on our third Communty bus now?
  • Does wivenhoe have a community bus already or is it trying to get one?
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    Steering Group members will be at the William Loveless hall 12 noon till 2pm tomorrow (Saturday 12th), to coincide with the Quay Quilters exhibition.
    Come and ask questions, find out where the Plan has got to, discuss the survey findings, make suggestions, pick up a Digest and perhaps even sign up to one of the Working Groups.
    Your input is important.

    And the tea/coffee and cake that the QQs will be selling are very good too ;)
    There's also a raffle of some wonderful quilts - and the beautiful quilts displayed for your admiration and inspiration!
    Did you know that QQ put all proceeds of their events towards the Wivenhoe Communty bus?

    Two worthwhile community projects to look in on.

  • Steering Group meeting, tonight, 7.30pm at the WTC offices, 77 High Street.
    Open to all.
    More members would be welcome!

  • Next meeting of the Steering Group is on Wednesday 1 October, 7.30pm at Wivenhoe Town Council offices.
    Open to the public and we'll be happy to see you!

    The steering group would also be very interested in the assistance of a Community Engagement person. If that sounds like your kind of thing, come along on Wednesday evening to find out what is involved.

  • As part of the Direct Support given to neighbourhood planners by Locality, Rachel Hogger, a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, was assigned to the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan steering group to help get the Plan to draft stage.
    Today's workshop was led by Rachel and, as @Rosalind says, very useful.
    It was part of that direct support by Locality and was not publicised to the community as it was intended for steering group and working group members only.

    The steering group is hoping to follow up with a community consultation event some time in November so watch this space!
    The steering group meetings are held at WTC offices at 7.30 pm on the first Wednesday of each month and are open to the public.

    Additional members are very welcome, any resident can join.

  • The Agenda for the October meeting has gone on line.
    There's also a 5 min video of the introduction to yesterday's workshop, for anyone who's interested (which is of course everybody :)) !
  • Steering Group meeting at 7.30 pm at the WTC offices, 77 High Street.
    Open to the public.
    It's YOUR PLAN, - aren't you curious....?
  • but whatever is agreed locally will be subject to our masters at Colchester Council so all the good hard work could amount to nothing surely
  • @liberty
    No, and it's one of the things about a neighbourhood plan that's explained on the WNP website:
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