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Are you green fingered?

edited January 2014 in Wildlife Garden
Green fingered people are required to help grow some perenial wildflower seeds to be planted in the new community orchard as part of the Jubilee Gardens. If you think you will be able to nurture some seeds to life ready to plant this spring please let me know. It would be amazing to have a vast meadow for everyone to enjoy for years to come flowering this summer!

John Rowland


  • What plants are recommended to plant?
    People could buy the recommended seeds from shops and plant them in their gardens in addition to those planted in the community orchard.

  • That would be great.  We are buying a large amount of perenial wildflower seeds that people could collect from me.  I am going to be at the farmers market on Saturday to talk about this with anyone that is interested.  I was thinking I could hand out small packs of seeds at he following market for people to grow to plant in April.

    If anyone wanted to grow some of their own seeds that would be fine.  We need as many perenial wildfowers as we can get.  If anyone has some flowers in their garden that they are thinning out then these would be good too.  I know some people have a lot of cowslips that they could transplant but anything that would fit in a wildflower meadow would be great.

    The seeds I am buying are from Pictorial Meadows if anyone wanted to buy some for themselves.  I will be using the 'Treasure Chest' Mix.

    We will also be using the Standard/Classic annual mix.

    If anyone was to buy their own seeds just remember to make sure there are no grasses in the mix.

    A few plants that could be bought seperately could be Yellow Rattle - Rhinanthus minor or Birds-foot Trefoil - Lotus corniculatus

    Thanks for the interest Arkle



  • I'm interested in helping out. I'll be coming to the farmers market on Saturday, so hope to get some seeds from you then.

  • Unfortunately the seeds have not arrived yet so i will not be attending this farmers market.  I will definitely be at the next one where I will set up a stall with seed trays and compost, so hope to see you then Mair.  If you know anyone else interested please let them know.  I will be writing something in the Wivenhoe News but I am not sure if the paper will be published before the next market.  So this site and word-of-mouth may be the only way of letting people know.

    Spread the word!


    John Rowland

  • The seeds arrived this week and we need as many people as possible to grow a tray of them to plant out amongst the apple trees this coming spring. I will take some down to the tree planting session on Sunday morning (10am till 1pm). If anyone is interested then please come down and collect some from me. The more we can grow on for planting the better it will look this summer!! :-)
  • I have made up 7 small packs of seeds. If anyone wants more let me know and I will sort some out for you.

    See you tomorrow in. The garden!

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