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Extension of Survey deadline

edited December 2013 in Neighbourhood Plan
The response to the Questionnaire has been encouraging: just over 20% have now been returned and it is clear that, by and large, those people who completed theirs gave a good deal of thought to their answers.

There may be people who had not yet found the time to spend on answering the questions in the way they wished, but who would during the Christmas break have been in a better position to have done so.
The Steering Group has therefore decided to extend the time for returning the survey:
  • paper surveys can continue to be returned but must have reached us on3 January, to allow us to input the data before 13 January which is the date the analysis will begin. Any arriving after that date will not be taken into account.
  • the on-line survey will remain available until 13 January; after that date no further entries can be made.


  • Please don't post any paper surveys to the Council offices anymore because we won't be able to get hold of them before the data inputting ceases to be available.

    The on line survey can still be accessed tomorrow, Sunday 12 January; after Sunday it will be removed from the Neighbourhood Plan website.
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