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ipswich road


  • Although the road works are not in Wivenhoe lots of residents use that stretch of road so some questions, firstly do we have a completion date as it is way over its original completion date, secondly what is the extra cost as presume it comes out of our taxes somewhere along the line. Thirdly we new it was going to over run but this is way over and what reasons have now been given and the bridge seems to be taking for ever but surely this was all looked at before it stated, although rarely anyone working on bridge. This in my opinion is making a laughing stock of whichever organisation is overseeing this. They also chop and change layout at end of cowdray and some people ignore signage stating emergency vehicles only and that has caused road rage witnessed by many people then layout changes again and emergency vehicles struggle. They did road changes on A14 quicker than this.

  • Yes the road works are frustrating, and will continue to be for some time and perhaps even after they have finished.

    Councillor Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council said on the 11th November - “I hope people who travel through this junction are beginning to see some of the benefits of increased traffic capacity and improved walking and cycling provision.” Increased traffic capacity!!!! I have not approached the junctions from every direction, but traffic flow from Cowdray Avenue West to Ipswich Road roundabout is no better and from St Andrew's Avenue to Harwich Road roundabout it is significantly worse. Furthermore Harwich Road roundabout with its chevron markings is dangerous. Who dreamt up this design?

  • All this time and money wasted on this restoration of regular roundabouts. All those who remember the delays with the conventional roundabouts that were there when there was much lower traffic density, won't be surprised when it transpires that the changed configuration makes things worse. This will be a much more costly mistake than the howler of replacing the mini roundabout at the East Hill Brook St junction with lights. If it is the same public body or person responsible they need to own up and resign.

  • Essex County Council are the highways authority. This is their responsibility. Any updates they provide are posted on the dedicated page for this project on the Essex Highways Website

    I suggest you all bookmark it

  • What's the point of bookmarking it. All it tells you is how wonderful they are doing and that we can look forward to much improved traffic flows. Time will tell!

  • Sorry I didn't realise you were a traffic engineer, my mistake.

  • Thanks for the bookmark Mike. Having now looked at the plans on the ECC website, my initial thoughts from driving around the roundabouts are reinforced. The chevron zone next to the roundabout results in the two lanes being very wide of the roundabout. There is no natural direction of travel approaching and leading around the roundabout, rather a sharp turn into the appropriate lane. The natural inclination will be to drive straight across the roundabout potentially into the wrong lane, and the cause of conflict and/or collisions. I realise we should follow the lane markings, but I fear many will fail to spot them or chose to cut across.

  • Having looked at the drawings and been interested in the project from before the physical work started on the ground, the new roundabouts will make a difference. (That’s based on my career as civil engineer but not a highways one).

    it’s been a really complex/horrible project and one I feel glad not have to work on every time I drive past! The logistics of moving the services, working on Network Rail land/next to the track and keeping the roads open as much as possible is a pain before you factor in all the endless permits/consents/specialist contractors needed by each service provider, Network Rail and for highways closures.

    The issue has been more around PR/public perception, whilst ECC highways have done an OK job, more effort to explain the complexities would have been beneficial and the inability of the contractor to stop staff being on their phones/sat in vans at the roadside hasn’t helped their reputation. (However it probably wouldn’t have helped ECC if they had been honest about how painful the utility companies and network rail can be to work with!)

    in terms of queue length, we won’t really see benefits until a good few months until after it’s finished as people start to adjust their journey patterns/we move out of lockdown. But oddly, long term the queue lengths may seem similar, but the number of cars using the roundabout will increase as it new layout can handle more traffic. Let me explain - I know I have to be through town before 7:30 if I want to avoid queuing for more than 10mins, but this means I get to work early. If the roundabout shortens the queue time, it means I can then leave a little later and still queue for no more than 10mins. (Similar when the M25 was widened it generated more traffic as people stopped avoiding it at rush hour).

    With regard to the chevroned areas on Harwich Road, these look like they are to allow lorries to make the tight right turns on the inside lane without the rear wheels ridding up over the kerb. I agree that it isn’t great at moment with people cutting through them; that will either adjust when everyone gets used to it/looses its incomplete roadworks feel. If it continues to be a problem then making the white lines thicker/adding studs to make it uncomfortable to drive over in a car is an easy solution and I’m sure one ECC are considering.

    (sorry for any typos, wrote this on a phone with a small screen and even smaller keyboard!)

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