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Book to Identify Local Birds

Can anyone recommend a small simple book I could carry about with me to help me support identifying local birds on the rivers, fishing lakes and fields near to Wivenhoe. Many thanks


  • As and when bird walks are allowed again, you could tag along. By far the best way to learn is to have the birds pointed out and identified in situ...

    Failing that, there is the Birds of Wivenhoe Thread on this forum. I doubt there is a single regular species found in Wivenhoe that isn't shown on that thread.

    Apologies if you are having to isolate and that bird walks aren't viable, but I would suggest that cheap bird guides in the hands of inexperienced watchers often end up with some "interesting" sightings reported...

  • There's a similar post on the Facebook Wivenhoe Community Page, with some suggestions.

  • Collins : complete guide to British birds is very good. The RSPB have also published some excellent ones.

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