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Wivenhoe Market preorder and pickup, 11:00-12:00 this Saturday 21st Nov

Although there isn't a full Wivenhoe Market this Saturday you can still pre-order & collect local produce between 11:00-12:00 outside the Congregational Church:

Wigborough Traditional Meats

See for their full range of sustainable meats and pies, contact details here

Menas indian banquet

Frozen vegan ready meals, fresh streetfood snacks; send message to her Facebook page Menas indian banquet to pre order or call 07743 623373 (see photo for menu)

West House Farm

Free-range eggs at £3/Dozen or £1.50 1/2 Dozen

Red or White Potatoes 2kg £2.00

Call 07712593842 by Friday latest to pre order.


Plus - Chris's REFILLS stall will be outside 5 Sandford Close (off Valley Road) on Saturday morning with the usual range of household cleaning/laundry and haircare refills.


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