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Wivenhoe’s Hardship Fund

A long time ago the trustees of Wivenhoe Housing Trust established a fund to provide small grants to help Wivenhoe people in need of financial support.  Over the years we have quietly given out grants to people who very often find themselves with a big bill to pay and not the money to pay it. This big bill might be for the repair or replacement of an essential item. We also work closely with the volunteers of the Wivenhoe Foodbank who know how to approach us for help and support for a client.   

In this present difficult situation, if you need a small grant to help you with a particular problem, do get in touch with any of the trustees who will put forward the details of your situation for consideration. Naturally, everything is done in strict confidence. The present trustees are: Colin Andrews, Colin Kelly, Cllr Bob Needham, Rob Neve, Cllr Kevin Read, Gill Sleightholm, Ron Titchener, and myself.

We can consider any request for financial help provided it is from a Wivenhoe resident. 

Peter Hill, Chairman, Wivenhoe Housing Trust, (reg charity no. 1157022)

Email: [email protected] and tel: 01206 823073


  • Hi there

    I wonder if you may be able to help?

    Myself & my partner moved to a small flat within the last year with help through Homestep connected to the Council. It's a small flat that we need a few essentials for (i.e. washing machine, under counter fridge, bed and small sofa or 2 small armchairs. Ever since we moved in (after surviving an eviction from our privately rented home of 13 years last year, going into emergency accommodation, then temporary accommodation before eventually finding this small flat), which was a godsend to have a roof over our heads.

    My partner was & still is unemployed at the moment unfortunately. Myself I originally lost my job last year 2 weeks before our eviction last year. I have since then applied for many jobs (although a bit limited due to myself awaiting a total hip replacement - I have only just turned 55), I did land a job back in Feb 20 and did in fact work all the way through the 1st lockdown only to lose it at the beginning of September 2020.

    The main reason for asking for some help is that I have got some debts & arrears which are hanging over my head. Onviously when one wage was coming in I tried very hard to meet certain payment plan arrangements with the debtors I owe (Council Tax - Jacobs; Anglan Water - Advantis; and Halifax - Cabot Financial), whilst trying to spread my money to meet the arrangements, pay full rent, council tax and all utility bills this current year, over the working months could never consider having enough to buy new white goods plus sofa (currently sleeping on the floor still which isn't helping my hip), but each month just couldn't do it.

    I know that you might not be able or even willing to help as the the arrears are of course my fault over the ladt few years whereby each time my job changed my hours or I changed jobs the benefit system stopped my benefits whilst they worked things out, and thus everything just got out of control and as much as I earnt money and paid agreed amounts to each, It is only scratching the surface. If you can help towards the white goods & bed & sofa that would be very much appeciated, or any advice would be great too.

    In an ideal world it would be nice to live in a house with a garden too, as the small flat (1st floor), that we currently rent is ok but not ideal due to size (small for two), and also the stairs not fantastic for me due to my current hip situation, but I know it will be temporary but don't know how long I will have to wait. Been waiting 2 years now due to problems with a leg ulcer which after hospitalising me for 5 days on a drip it has been slow healing, thus why I am still awaiting to have hip done. Has to be perfectly healed. But stress & everything just keeps getting in the way!

    Sorry for waffling on, long story but without the full background you don't see the whole picture.

    My email address is:

    [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Natalie 💋💋 xx

  • Hello Sue - I will email you directly. Peter

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