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Anyone interested?

I've managed to convince Community Energy South to provide an online support session on Tuesday 8th December at 6pm-7;30. It would be great if you could listen in and offer any feedback to us please. Please contact me for more details.

In addition;

If you are interested; On 2nd December Essex County Council, Energy Saving Trust and Community Energy South are presenting a day long (online) event on community energy projects, if you are interested I can send you the link.

Being an agent of change will help us do our part in creating positive change for our environment and our community.

This is a very low key start up for Wivenhoe in becoming a zero carbon town I would really appreciate your support at the start of this long journey.

Please PM me or email or phone, details below...

Kind regards

Christopher Blomeley

Managing Director

07799 494 797

Home of ; Route51 Cycle Project, e-bike repairs and maintenance

Facebook; Repair Reuse Recycle CIC & Route51 Cycle Project

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