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Tribute to Jan Richardson and the way you can pay your respects to this lovely person

Sarah Brooks Richardson has asked me to publicize this special announcement. With the help of Alison Stockmarr, she has created this piece of artwork giving details of the date and time of Jan’s farewell. She is very pleased with the outcome and hope's that she has done her proud.  I think she has and hope you do too.

There are many of her local organisations etc, amongst the collage and she hopes that nothing has been missed. 

A Just Giving page (below) has been created which I hope you will want to support. St Helena Hospice was a big part of Jan’s life and it seems appropriate that donations are for this fantastic service that she held dear.

Sarah said: This is the most painful time for us as a family but the beautiful messages and stories of Jan, have helped so very much. We have received lovely cards and flowers from so many people. 

There will never be a more authentic, caring and selfless soul. I feel truly blessed to have had Jan by my side for so many years. 

Please study and enjoy this piece of art and the story it tells of this amazing woman.


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