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Library closed lockdown

I assume the library will close during this lockdown.


  • I got through to ECC library service on the phone and they said they are expecting libraries to be open as usual this week but are expecting updates by the end of this week. So they think Wivenhoe library will be open tomorrow as usual....

  • I've just read on the Essex LIbraries website that Wivenhoe Library will be closed during this lockdown.

  • Here is the announcement: Following latest Government guidelines most Essex libraries will be temporarily closed to the public from Thursday 5 November 2020. Sixteen sites will remain open to offer Registration Services and public computer access by appointment only. More information to follow.

  • But you are not supposed to travel - all the computer services should be accessible not just 16 sites.

  • It says on the website that you can still pick up reservations from your chosen library during lockdown. No further details given as yet.

  • Just phoned Essex libraries as I couldn't follow the new information on their website.

    Wivenhoe library is CLOSED for browsing but OPEN normal (recent, lockdown, to 5pm) hours to pick up reservations that have arrived. You should wait for the notification before calling in. If, and only if, you are picking up a reservation then you can drop off a book(s) you've finished with.

    Items already issued and due on or after 15 October will have their loan period extended until Friday 8 January 2021. Newly-issued books will be due 12 weeks from loan.

  • Full details are here: Essex County Council

    Sixteen sites remain open to offer Registration Services and public computer access by appointment only, and you can still collect your reservations from your chosen library.

    I just picked up two reservations after waiting for just one week for them to get the books from another Essex Library. You can order audio CDs, DVDs etc as well. Return date not until January now.

    Applause to the library staff.

  • Great that you can collect here in Wivenhoe.

  • You can also collect at Greenstead

  • But I can walk to the Wivenhoe Library as can many people which is why it is so important to retain it.

  • I think the heading is misleading, should read limited service at the library, a valuable asset in our town

  • KHam I don't think it is a competition between libraries I think it is important to retain all of them. I know that some people at the top of the town are nearer Greenstead. I agree Milly it is a limited service but we need to use it .

  • I agree that the heading of this thread is unfortunate - people might just assume that Wivenhoe library is closed during lockdown and so not discover that it offers the invaluable click and collect service. We need to spread the news of what's on offer in other ways. Or set up a new thread entitled "Click and collect service available from Wivenhoe Library" :-)

  • Good idea Liz.

  • Can the Admin retitle my original post to be more positive as suggested please?

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