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Some things don't change....

Essex Record Office - Q/SR 406/104


4 August 1665.

"Information of John Branch of Wivenhoe grocer, who saith that he having received a warrant to cause such persons as should come from London to Wivenhoe by water not having lawful certificates that they came from places not infected by the Plague to be kept off from landing or ebbing set on shore, and hearing that one (blank) Hewes of Wivenhoe with his (packet boat written above catch worth struck through) was then come from London having on board divers passengers coming from thence and then lying at the Quay at Wivenhoe intending to come on shore there, he the said Branch went towards the said "catch or vessell", and required the passengers not to come on shore until they had shown some credible certificate that they were free from infection, but they would not be obedient and instead of staying on board or showing any such certificate pressed by violence to come on shore; upon which Thomas Collin and Thomas Clarke standing by, this informant charged them in the king's name to aid him in resisting the passengers from coming on shore; but Clarke, instead of siding him did help them ashore, and slighting this informant and the authority in whose name he charged him; "bid a turd in this informants teeth", and Collin took his boat and therein fetched divers of the passengers on shore from out of the said "packquet bote". Signature of: John Branch. Signature of: John Shaw."

Sadly John & Kattrin Branch were buried at Wivenhoe 13 & 11 October 1665, followed by another John Branch on 4 November.... quite possibly victims of the plague.

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