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A bit late for doves to build a nest

A pair of collared doves are currently intent on building a nest in a tree immediately outside our bedroom window. isn’t it a bit late? I’m concerned that the tree will lose all its leaves quite soon.


  • I think the local dove gene pool is a little too shallow. We have a pair that try to nest on top of an electric junction and have had all the eggs fall out at various stages of development leaving quite the horror show on the pavement.

  • There may be something in that theory @Gribble, as the species has been with us only for some 50 years and may well have undergone a genetic bottleneck on their way here. However, what they lack in 'intelligence' they gain in perseverence. Repeated nesting attempts, often in unsuitable places suggest the 'monkeys - typewriters - Shakespeare' approach to life. And they are in essence continuously brooded @Moira , with maybe as many as four broods a year.....

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