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Britain's Orchids

We have recently done some work on the above book, in a proof/technical editing capacity, and now that it has been published we have been given three copies for our use.

We only require one, and would like to offer the others to the highest bidders, for charity. (Some may remember we did this earlier in the year with the WILDGuides Ferns, which resulted in us sending a respectable donation to Buglife.). It would be brilliant if we could send them a nice contribution again, and so if anyone would be interested in bidding, then please let me know by next Friday 18th Sept.

OF course, we think the book is an amazing identification guide to Orchids, but we are not alone! Chris Packham likes it too 😊

Check out the four minutes from 1:19! 

Please see below for the Amazon listing

With many thanks, Jude

[email protected]

07503 240387

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