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For Sale ..... Two works by one of Wivenhoe’s finest artists, the late Pam Dan

I am selling these two original works on behalf of my friend, due to lack of display space.

“The Aurora”

Water colour and pastel. (2004)

40 x 24 cm

Currently in a basic clip frame


“Nerja - Southern Spain”. 

Mixed media. (2008)

36 x 41 cm

With cream mount board


Please contact me if you are interested in either of these works. 

Viewing by prior appointment

[email protected]


  • Please could you send me a photo of both paintings? x

  • Hi Alison, thanks for your message. The photos should be on the forum. I think if you look on the “for sale items offered” section you will see the photos but if that fails please send me your email address and I will send you the picture separately

  • I have sent you a message.

  • Hello Gill, I’m afraid I have not yet received your message, please would you try again?

    Thank you

  • The painting “Nerja - Southern Spain” has found a new home

  • Both works are now sold.

    Many thanks to all for your interest.

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