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New High Street Shop available

Hi all,

Haart Estate Agents has moved out of their premises on The corner of Queens Road and The High Street. It is a great spot for a local business like a Fish Monger (Wivenhoe Fish Company), a Florist, a Baker (Suzy Shack / Nordic Bakers) or similar to set up shop. Amazing location right opposite the carpark, park and playground! I'm sure you'd do a roaring trade!



  • Or Craft Beer and interesting wines and spirits.

  • Not the vape shop then? 🤔

  • Not a Butchers then?

  • Butchers opening Saturday in the Brook St Business centre.

  • What about a kayak/paddle board shop

  • used to be a very fine bakers in the days when the house opposite on the other side of Queens rd was the local Post Office and laurel and Hardy stood guard ....

  • edited August 2020

    Wasn't Ann's Bakery next door down ie to the right of Haart in the picture or?

  • The forme newsagents has been standing empty for some time with no "to let" sign. Does anyone know what is happening with that?

  • the retail outlet was on the corner, I used to live in Queens Rd and pop in there regularly in the 70s and 80s but if the actual bakery was further down, it explains where the bread was baked, I've always wondered because the shop itself was too small !!

  • I don't think the Butchers Shop will generate a noticeable amount of extra traffic - it's large deliveries to houses on Cooks Estate which seem to be the issue. As observed from my front window onto Brook Street since Lockdown.

    I thought the old Newsagents was going to become a bags & accessories shop? There have been notices for one & for a Plumbing & Heating firm in the window for months.

  • @NickT,

    The bakery that supplied the shop was in Alresford, on the corner of Station Road and Cox Road. It was called Connisbee's.

    I lived in Alresford in the late '70s and often passed the bakery on my way home.

  • Thanks Paul - it was good bread and a treat that I looked forward to getting back to when I was back from being abroad

  • The baker referred to was reportedly previously a butcher. Sadly there is no information as to whether you could buy four candles there too.

  • So the butcher, the baker, the candle...seller.

  • Could it act as a shop for many local crafters, artists, creatives, etc - a "Made in Wivenhoe" shop, run jointly, sharing costs etc. Ive seen this done successfully in Stroud in their Made in Stroud shop -

    And they sell quite a lot of candles ;-)

  • Candlesticks as well for those candles? 🤔

  • Any update as the what this corner shop premises will be? It's being refurbished inside atm. It's not the microgym, that's going to be on the Brook St Business Park. Any one know?

  • A vap shop. Asked the people in there last week

  • OK, any update on the previous newsagents?

  • Yes I heard it’s becoming a vape shop. Shame really as it’s a missed opportunity for wivenhoe. Nice little bakery or hardware store would have gone down a treat

  • Before you know it ,it will have gone in a puff of smoke ( Vape 💨💨)....😄

  • We do have the Norwegian bakers & fresh bread at the Deli. I don't think Wivenhoe would sustain a hardware shop now. Mr Mallett closed in the 1990s? The shop was next to the churchyard kissing gate.

  • It’s a shame that’s the case - Wivenhoe isn’t a small town despite its feel - it’s medium sized in terms of population yet seems underserved in terms of individual local shops.

    If you look at places which are far smaller like Southwold (Under 2000) or Aldeburgh (3500) both have substantial thriving high streets with many shops - and they are towns which are very well patronised by locals and visitors alike.

    Wivenhoe is approaching 8000 population yet rather than new, useful, businesses popping up on the high street It seems we struggle to sustain the dwindling number of outlets we currently have.

    It’s fair to say the retail situation is well publicised for much larger towns and cities where bland chain stores dominate and now seem in terminal decline - but Wivenhoe has a strong USP in terms of its visitor appeal, setting and community spirit and when I see closed shops or those converted to residential I’m surprised there’s not the appetite to keep money here rather than spend it elsewhere - as has been the desire in similar ‘alternative’ locations around the country - Totnes in Devon or Lewes in Sussex are two that spring to mind where local currency was even issued to encourage local spend.

    If a vape shop materialises it does suggest a lack of imagination and doesn’t enhance wivenhoe as a “destination”.

  • I agree. This would be a great spot for a hardware store (a Robert Dyas would be great)! I don’t expect that a vape shop would last long here, so maybe this can be considered next time the property is available for rent.

  • Does anyone know if the former newsagent is marketed, either for sale or rent? I cannot find it on any websiite

  • It is hard to see how even a 2% Robert Dyas would fit in. Our problem is that we are so close to Colchester with its Robert Dyas and, eg, Home Bargains

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