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Black Buoy re-opening Saturday 4th July

But with a number of changes:

New Management: After nearly 5 very successful years as Manager of the Black Buoy, Shane has handed the keys over to Belinda Marshall who together with Ian Gardner, our new Assistant Manager, will be running the pub in the future.

Opening Times: For the time being we are going to be open for restricted hours.

Opening hours will be 11am – 9 pm Wednesday – Sunday inclusive.

The pub will be closed on Monday and Tuesdays until we see what business is like. For the time being our restaurant will remain closed. Bar snacks (Crisps and Peanuts) only. The carpark is also closed to allow for additional outside seating.

New Entrance: We are also making changes to the way we work: For the time being we will be serving customers in the garden so please walk down the side of the pub and through the gate and one of the team will show you to your seat.

Keeping Track: In line with Government advice you will be asked to give us your name, contact number and email address. Each separate household will have to give us their details. The email address for our private site will be provided on entry.

Ordering drinks: Orders will be taken at the table. Drinks will be delivered from the bar. Payment will be taken via card machine. No Cash at the moment!!

Staff: All our staff will be following a strict risk assessment and wearing appropriate PPE. They will also be washing / sanitising their hands on a regular basis.

One Way system: We ask that everyone follows the one- way systems that are set up round the pub and that you remain at your assigned table for the duration of the visit.

Hand Sanitising: Hand sanitizers will be placed at strategic points throughout the premises and we ask that you use them regularly to keep your hands clean.

Cleaning: A cleaner will be onsite at all times to ensure that tables are cleaned after each set of customers depart. This may mean you have to wait a few minutes for a table.

Toilets: Access to toilets will be restricted on a one in, one out basis, from the bottom of the stairs. Staff will inform you when they are free. Due to our enhanced cleaning regime, there may be gaps in accessibility. Please assist staff by following the guidelines.

Social Distancing: Our aim is to ensure that 2m spacing is in place between all tables at all times. Please do not try and move the tables. Please also ensure that only those from the same household are seated at the table with you.

Seating: To allow our customers to enjoy the pub we have closed the car park and put additional seating throughout the garden and car park. We have also erected some marquees to provide shelter from the sun and rain. Non- smokers will be seated in the formal garden area with smokers in the former car park. We have plenty of space!

Take-Out Beer: There will be a one- way system in place, at the front of the pub, for those wishing to buy Real Ale through our take away service. Please be very conscious of social distancing and of our neighbour’s properties when queuing for this service. We ask that you stand 2m apart at all times. No one will be allowed to stand inside the pub and drink or chat. Access to the inside of the pub will be limited to purchasing from the front bar. The remainder of the pub will be off limits.

Restaurant Closed: At the moment our restaurant will remain closed. Crisps and snacks will be available.

Booking: We will operate on a first come first served basis for the time being. Enquiries 01206 822425.

Feeling unwell: Please do not enter the pub or garden if you feel unwell. Please go home and self-isolate. We aim to keep all our customers and staff safe.

Given the current status of the Coronavirus outbreak we trust that you will find these arrangements satisfactory. Our aim is to make your visit as enjoyable as possible and to make improvements in the future, as appropriate. Please bear with us! We hope to be able to live up to our reputation as an Award Winning CAMRA Pub of the Year again very soon!!


  • In the deep end for the new managers. Hope it goes smoothly!

  • Good luck Bee! :)

  • edited July 2020

    The list of Black B(u)oy publicans is a lengthy one and just got a little bit longer.

    A very troubling time for all of the hospitality sector, but I'm sure Wivenhoe will manage to support their pubs.

    If not, something must be seriously wrong!

    Good Luck Belinda.

  • Good luck with this.

    I for one am very pleased to see such thorough preparations, and it certainly makes me feel far more confident about visiting (this) pub again.

    The Black Buoy has certainly (re)carved out a niche for itself, and continues to be one of the best things about living in Wivenhoe ;-)

  • Do we need to bring our own containers for takeout?

  • I think the pub has plastic glasses but also some flagons.

  • Thank you🍺

  • "The pellet with the poison’s in the flagon with the dragon; the vessel with the pestle has the brew that is true."

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