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Photo uploads

Is it usual that uploading photos to a discussion if limited to 250kb?

Seems very small


  • It might seem small, but trust me server space and bandwidth can get very expensive very quickly!

    The forum running costs are paid for by very generous yearly donations from Forum members, and is run for free by a team of dedicated volunteer moderators and administrators.

    There are plenty of external image hosting sites you can use for free, so if you'd like to upload an image bigger than that I would suggest you try out something like Flickr, Imgur or similar.

  • My typical mobile phone snap is circa 1 or 2mb which I’ve uploaded before, for example upto the garden wildlife thread where a photo is obviously helpful. I simply wanted to know if the file size has been reduced recently. Apologies if my post wasn’t clear enough.

  • 250kb is crazy small in 2020. Maybe some kind of automatic archiving of images over a certain age would be more efficient and cost effective?

  • I just wanted to explain a bit about why we have the image size set quite small in 2020 terms, didn't mean to cause any offense. We've not changed anything recently, and will be sure to make an announcement if anything does change.

    In all seriousness, very happy to explore any routes that will allow for larger images provided it doesn't take too much time or require a big code rewrite!

  • No offense taken. I think spoiled with google photo cloud!

    But thank you for the explanation i just wanted to make sure it was the site and not my browser or device.

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