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So Many Questions.


i have recently found this forum whilst looking for information on Wivenhoe.

I spent the early years of my life in Wivenhoe, of which, i have to say were extremely happy. During lockdown i thought i would take a look at what i could find out about the Old country. These are some of the questions i would like answers too. Hopefully there are some in your group who may be able to help. You can look on it as a lockdown quiz !

  1. I am keen to find old photographs of the quayside taken during the 1950's. Especially in the area boats moored in front of the Rose and Crown. The family had a boat moored there. It was a converted ships lifeboat, Clinker built with flat stern made into a motor boat. Although for some reason it had a mast .Happy memories of being stuck on sandbanks off Jaywick after a day off Clacton or down the Blackwater. I would love to try and find a photo of her. Where would be the best place for me to look ?
  2. Do the Wivenhoe "One Design" clinker built racing dingy's still exist ?
  3. I have a memory of a small Victorian yacht owned by a Mr Sainty. It was a mid blue ,having a sloping, square cabin, which for those days was fitted with a significant amount of glass. She was moored mid stream slightly downstream from the old sailing club. She was old then and the local salts would mention what a special little boat she was. Anyone know what happened to her ?
  4. During that time there was a fish dock further down from the Nottage Institute. I think owned by a family named Worsp, or something similar. They hade two new wooden trawlers built. Which must have been quite an expense. They were named "Essex Girl" and "Fisher Girl". Does anyone know what happened to them ?

Thanks for taking a look and hopefully someone may have some answers.


Jeremy Ray


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