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Wivenhoe Foodbank - Suspension of service


It is with regret that I have to post that after tomorrow the Wivenhoe Foodbank will be suspending opening until further notice. This is simply because we have insufficient trained staff available to continue safe operation due to the COVID-19 restrictions on those who may be vulnerable to the virus. Even though we have new volunteers in training it is not possible to continue in the way that we have currently been operating with the number of staff available. Similar shortages of available trained staff are impacting on the operation of other Foodbanks.

We are exploring other ways of providing a Foodbank service in conjunction with colleagues at Colchester FB, local councillors, the Town Council, Wivenhoe Mutual Aid and others.

In the meantime Colchester (Moorside) Foodbank is operating (a reduced service) and in addition the North Station Road satellite has had to be closed as well.

Please if you can do, continue to donate at the various collection sites at all the main supermarkets in the area. But please do not leave donations at the Congregational Church.

Wivenhoe residents have been incredibly generous in supporting our Foodbank and I and all the volunteers thank you for that and we hope to be able to resume normal service as soon as possible.

Mark Norrington - Wivenhoe volunteer and Colchester Foodbank Trustee.

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