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The Colne Bookshop during present difficulties

Having spoken to other traders in Wivenhoe, including Sue at the Wivenhoe Bookshop, I have decided to remain open while exercising the accepted precautions.

If you are housebound I am happy for you to call me with your book requests and will deliver locally. 07961 993 892 or 01206 824275.

Hope to see some of my lovely customers one way or another.


  • Hi Penny! It's one of your customers here. I've just rediscovered the forum, and found your old-ish post. Your shop has suspended business in the meantime - unless you are still doing deliveries. Your lovely bookshop is, like the other lovely bookshop, among the things I miss about er, well, doing anything really!

  • So sorry. Only just spotted this message! Back in business from 18 June. Hope you’re able to visit.

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