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Wivenhoe Art Trail

Dear Artists and Makers

Following on from the success of the Christmas Wivenhoe Art Trail we are thinking about our Spring Open Studio event and are asking for applicants to join us this year.

The dates are Saturday and Sunday 23rd 24th, Bank Holiday Monday 25th plus 30th and 31st May which will, as usual, will coincide with Open Gardens

All are welcome to join by opening their studios or sharing venues. We only stipulate the following

-that we all open at the same time 11am-5 pm

-jointly share costs as before

-distribute leaflets and promote on social networks.

We ask each participant to contribute £20 to cover

  • Leaflets and posters
  • advertising costs
  • Posters in paid for venues and laminating.

All the best.


07710 513034

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