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Wivenhoe Pop Up Art Sale 2019 - next Saturday, November 30th

edited November 2019 in Wivenhoe Artists

Hello, just a note to tell you about the forthcoming pop up art sale in Wivenhoe next Saturday, at the William Loveless Hall.

Lots of beautiful arts and crafts for sale at fair prices, with cakes and refreshments too. Entry is free, so come along and pick up some seasonal gifts!


  • Art by local artist Diana Garrett available next Saturday.

  • Looks great! Xx

  • Here's a selection of beautiful pieces from some of the local artists participating on Saturday:

    Wivenhoe On Wood, by Gary Davis - original photos taken in and around Wivenhoe and transferred onto wood.

    Cards and prints by Michael Anderson:

    Walk to the Harbour, by Diana Garrett:

    Art created from recycled and discarded materials, by Charmaine McKissock:

    Jewellery by Caroline Moiret:

    See more on our Pop Up Art Facebook page!

  • A few more lovely pictures from local artists participating on Saturday:

    Jo Hunter:

    Vicky Rosenthal:

    Photographs by Andrew Neal (Common Darter Dragonfly, and Kingfisher):

    Don't forget to check out our Pop Up Art Facebook page for more artists and images.

  • See you all tomorrow.

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