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  • I thought the High Street newsagents had closed?

  • Here is the updated poster, as requested by OP.

  • Bump for the Scout and Guide Christmas Post.

    Collection boxes are in One Stop, Michaels Estate Agents and H2O Hairdressers.

    You can also post at Toad Hall, 16 Colchester Road, and 104, The Avenue.

    Support your local Scouts and Guides.

  • Last week for Wivenhoe Scout and Guide Christmas Post.

    Boxes will be collected up late Friday afternoon. Deliveries start Sunday 15th December.

    Don't miss the chance to send the Seasons Greetings to friends and family for only 20p.

  • What about 2020? Keen to use it!

  • There was mention of the Christmas post being cancelled this year due to coronavirus in this forum on November 10th. It was not considered to be safe enough, but there is hope that it can be resumed next year

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