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PR Maintenance

I just wanted to sing the praises of local company PR Maintenance. Experts in fitting kitchens, bathrooms and all types decorating etc, Paul did an amazing job on installing a new bathroom for us. Despite the nightmare job due to water damage, he was professional and meticulous throughout. Would highly recommend. Mobile no. is 07960861731.


  • Paul has done varied types of work for us too and I can also thoroughly recommend him.

  • Paul (PR Maintenance) is currently about three-quarters of the way through a complete house renovation for me, and I can't recommend him highly enough. He has done various bathrooms (pictures attached, if I can make it work), bedrooms, my lounge, an office room and a storage room so far, and he's done a fantastic job on all of them. The work has involved plumbing, electrics (spotlights, etc) tiling, flooring, woodwork, decorating, and some reasonably involved structural work (moving a door frame), all of which has involved real care and attention to detail (I'm a stickler for that, and probably not the easiest person to work for). His advice has been really helpful whenever I have asked for it, and he has always been very tidy, and wholly dependable. In an era when it's quite hard to find good workmen that you trust to do a good job, I think myself very lucky indeed to have found him. A1.

  • Thank you for your nice comments and recommendations, as always, as well as the work is always appreciated. Would be good if I could find some before and after photos of the bathrooms.

  • Photos below of the most recent bathroom Paul has done for me. All of them done, now!

    Really can't recommend him highly enough.

  • Paul recently did a couple of small jobs for me but he paid big attention to detail. Reasonable, clean, punctual and obliging. Rare these days.

  • Catherine, he did the same for me. Nice man

  • Another recommendation for Paul. Great quality work and attention to detail.

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