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E-mail details of a would be Wivenhoe Foodbank donor accidentally blocked

For the attention of the person who kindly e-mailed me on Monday afternoon asking how to pay in the donation raised from the sale of fresh produce: could you please either come and see us at the Foodbank (in the Congregation Church) on any Thursday tomorrow between 10 a.m. and 12 noon, or ring me on 07904397605. Your e-mail was delivered into my Junk mail folder and I accidentally blocked it when I was trying to select the "not spam" option. I was too concerned with ascertaining if the body of the message was indeed junk or not to take notice of your e-mail address, hence it is irretrievable; I have contacted a Microsoft engineer for help in vain. Many thanks and apologies, Glynis.


  • Many thanks to everyone who offered help, word of mouth found the person in question, lessons learnt by self, including that Microsoft Outlook Help service is no help at all!

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