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Wivenhoe Foodbank information, and thankyou

Wivenhoe Foodbank volunteers would like to say a huge THANKYOU to the Wivenhoe Society and Club 18 organisers for their recent generous funding donations to the Foodbank, they are really appreciated; we also have to thank local organisations such as Bumps and Babies and also many Wivenhoe individuals for their kind donations of food and toiletries.

The Foodbank is open every Thursday morning between 10 a.m and noon and operates out of the Congregational Church in the High Street. Our team distribute parcels of food and household cleaning products to individuals and families and we also have an increasing range of hygiene products. This service is confidential and free, and we are also able to signpost clients to the correct agencies to support them in their individual circumstances.

Refreshments are always available, as well as a welcoming greeting and smile; we understand that a financial, family or health crisis can happen to any one of us any time - we are here to listen, give practical help and support anyone who needs it. Food parcel donations can be dropped off at the Foodbank during Thursday sessions, or we can arrange a pick up if necessary.

We also operate an out of hours service, which can be contacted by ringing 07904 397605, 07899 805803, or 07921 524598.

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