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Welcome to Wivenhoe Forum v3.2

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Hi forum friends,

We're now updated to the latest version of Vanilla: 3.0.2, read full release notes here

This means a new theme, and a new text editor. The theme and editor are both made by the Vanilla project so should be considerably less broken than the stuff we've used in the past, but as always let me know if you have any problems.

f you do encounter any bugs or issues, please post them in this thread. It is vitally important that you provide the following information to help me fix it:

  • Operating System (including version)
  • Browser (including version)
  • A link to the page affected (if applicable)
  • A screenshot of the problem (if applicable or you deem it necessary)
  • Details on how to replicate the problem (if applicable)

Please follow these guidelines when doing so.

v2.6 thread


  • Loving the new look! Excellent work.

  • edited July 2019

    One minor point, unless anyone has a partner etc that also logs in to the forum, it does not show if you are logged in.

    Windowas10 x 64 bit

  • edited July 2019

    @Escobar Your account details are displayed in the top right of the screen.

  • Thanks Jason , I can see the icon for Account Options where your pic is.

    I'll find a pic to upload and that may work.

  • Interesting that it's not showing without an avatar, i'll take a look at whether we can make that work without requiring one. Thanks for the feedback!

  • We've switched to the new theme for mobile as well now. Any issues, please post here.

  • Hi Jason

    As many have said throughout the site - thanks for your work on the Forum. It's a great boon.

    I'm not an expert in on-line publishing at all so it may well be that I am not doing something right, but I can't find two really useful tools that used to be available. They are: the ability to save an incomplete draft post, and to preview a post before actually publishing. I also notice that pictures imported now automatically justify to the centre of the line not the left hand margin as previous.

    Are these functions hiding somewhere where I haven't yet looked!?

    Keep up the good work. Many thanks.


  • Hi Mark, good spot! They're definitely missing, and as far as I can tell that's because Vanilla have unfortunately removed those features from their new editor. I've dug around in the settings and couldn't find anything to turn it on either. I'm not sure why, as they're really useful. I'll submit a ticket to Vanilla and maybe they'll consider it in a future release or (hopefully) point out i'm stupid and have missed it...

    If you'd like to read a bit about how to get the most out of Vanilla's new Rich Editor there's a really handy guide including keyboard shortcuts and hidden features here:

  • Just a quick note to say we've quietly upgraded to Vanilla 3.2

    This release focuses on embedded content and some editor tweaks, you can read the full notes on their website here

  • I have tried unsuccessfully to upload photos to a post several times. If I use the Image icon to upload, I get "Request failed with status code 403". The image concerned is 40KB only and 600 pixels wide. If I try to copy and paste I get "body has too many characters". It used to work fine in the past!!

    I'm using Firefox 73 under Windows 10

  • Thanks for letting us know, i'll dig into it when I get a moment

  • Hi @singingman I've tried this myself using Firefox and haven't had a problem. Are you still experiencing it please?

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