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All River Users

If you use paddles, poles, petrol, sails, skulls or just swim wild, there is a one day course for all those who use the Colne, or other rivers, for leisure.

It will cover personal and vessel safety, weather, tides, nature on the river and much more. The course is delivered by RYA qualified instructors on the last Sunday of each month throughout the year at The Nottage. 

Attendees so far have been very complimentary and rated it 4.5/5 or even 5/5! 

Since this is sponsored by Trinity House and Imray Maritime Charts, the cost is only £10.00 per person.

For details and to reserve a place contact [email protected] or call 01206 824142.


  • I can thoroughly recommend this course. I did it and learned so much. There were people there of all ages and all different types of river users. 
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