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Birdy Fund raiser

Two opportunities to issue a challenge and support the food bank:
1. To bet me that I can't find 100 species of birds on one day in April, locally, on foot, or
2. To find you any bird you have always wanted to see (provided it has featured on the Birds of Wivenhoe thread) and donate if I find it for you. If I can find it anywhere in East Anglia I will also do it you share the fuel costs with me. Ideally, for trips to, say, Suffolk or Norfolk, we can group people together to find a few targets in one day.

Anyway, here is the Just Giving page.||_page_launched_||_charity&utm_content=72b69203-cc8e-451e-a798-084b5fb91c1b&utm_medium=email&utm_source=postoffice&utm_term=1552933006213


  • It has been suggested by someone (who has kindly donated to the Food Bank despite a lack of interest in birds - thank you) that I should have a thread dedicated only for people to donate to the Food Bank, so let me unashamedly bump this one.

    Ironically, it is people's greater interest in things other than Food Bank that has relegated this thread quite quickly, so I hope you don't mind the occasional bump.
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