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Pop up art sale November

Hello, just a note to tell you about a pop up art sale in Wivenhoe. Same day as the market so why not have a stroll and take a look?
Cakes, soup, hot and cold drinks, catering by Vicki Munro. Free entry.


  • View some of the artists work on the Facebook page, Wivenhoe pop up art. More updates each week.

    My son has kindly linked the pop up Facebook page, I have no idea! 
  • The 3rd year of this popular Wivenhoe treat looks like being better than ever with even more of our talented local artists showing and selling their work covering a wide range of styles and techniques.

    There will also be super homemade cakes and other refreshments to enjoy plus it's free entry.

    Remember, it's only on from 12:00 til 2:00 on Saturday 17th Nov at the William Loveless Hall so set set your alarms now and along with the Wivenhoe Market - which is just a few steps up the road at the Congregational Church from 10:00, also on the same day -  it makes an excellent reason to visit Wivenhoe and have a mooch around our wonderful town. 

    Here are a couple of my pieces of work (one old and one new). Hope to see everyone  - that's the whole of Wivenhoe - there. Phil.
  • Local photographer Andrew Neal will be displaying his work at the Pop Up on the 17th Nov.

    Here are a few of his wildlife photographs for your enjoyment; you can view more of his work at .

    Please note I have reduced the resolution dramatically to enable the pictures to be uploaded - still amazing though.!
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    Wivenhoe friends, please visit me at the Pop-up and have a catch-up. I'll be showing new work on stone as well as black & white illustrations. And I'll tell you all about life in Suffolk...
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    Jenie Venus will also be at the event displaying and selling her wonderful Wax Art creations.

    Here is a photo of some of the cards that will be available and this is a link to her etsi site:

  • Looking forward to seeing all art lovers on Saturday week.  An ideal oppurtunity to buy early xmas presents and cards and to chat to a few of our wonderful local artists.

  • Is that one of your paintings, Daisy? Where is the landscape? It's beautiful.
  • Hello, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Art Sale. There will be artistic work on canvas, stones, textiles,wax art, cards, glass, photographs to name but a few, ideal for an unusual Christmas present.
    Have a wander through William Loveless Hall and then you can sit and enjoy hot drinks, soup, mulled apple juice and cakes. All the food is suitable for Vegetarians, with some made for
    Vegans and some Gluten Free. Don’t forget you only have 2hrs to enjoy all this (12-2pm) before we pop off again.

    Gluten free peanut butter cookies

    Vegan hazelnut mocha cupcakes

    vintage choc chip biscuits 

    chocolate chip  muffins

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