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Seeking Author Dick Barton

I am trying to contact the author and Wivenhoe historian Dick Barton. When I was a reporter in East Anglia along with Barton, we struck up a friendship. I live near Boston in the U.S. and would very much like to be in tough with him once again. Is there someone in your group who can tell me how to be in touch with him?

I can be reached at: [email protected]

Many thanks in advance. 
Sue Kelman

PS: I am also the proud owner of an original oil painting by Wivenhoe's Ernest Turner. 


  • In c2005 when writing one of my Wiv history books and wanting to trace DB re some photos in his book, I eventually succeeded in finding him, somewhere in Colchr I recall. If nobody else responds I will try to find the relevant papers.
  • I have sent you an email Sue, with an indirect connection to him. If someone else has a direct connection it may be more useful to you! 
  • I've also pm'd you about Dick Barton with details of how to contact him. He's still around, thankfully.
  • Dick is alive and well in Lexden.
    I will ask him to send you an email, Sue.
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