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Next Sat - view the High Street as it was 100 years ago

On Sat 15th Sept, between 10am and 4pm, walk Wivenhoe's High Street and see old photographs as it would have looked 100 years ago. Gill Strudwick and Helen Polom have led this research project to create this Heritage Trail involving a team from the History Group. A free leaflet will be available that Saturday from the top of the High Street (opp. the hairdressers in the Folly garden) and from the churchyard. There is a picture hunt for children too as we want this to be a family event.

At the same time, a new section will be launched on the Wivenhoe History web site with pages of text and photographs to tie in with this Heritage Trail. QR codes on the photographs on the Trail (that Saturday only) will take you straight to the page on the web site. So bring your smart phones. If you cannot make the Trail that day, a digital version of the leaflet and information about the Trail will be available on the Wivenhoe History web site for ever more.   

Gill, Helen and the whole team hope you will enjoy it. Hope to see you in the High Street next Saturday.


  • Today! And the Wivenhoe Chapel Museum will also be open for the day (10am to 4pm)
    and for the last time of the season tomorrow (10am to 1pm)

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