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Wivenhoe Food Bank: NEW OPENING TIMES

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The Food Bank is open NOW OPEN BEGINNING EVERY THURSDAY BEGINNING 6TH SEPTEMBER FROM 10 AM UNTIL NOON in the Congregational Church on the High Street.  Also, here are some volunteers’ contact numbers for clients or for general queries: 07904397605  (Glynis); 07899805803 (Glyn); 07921524598 (Suzy).

Background Information: The foodbank was opened in December 2016 as a satellite and partner, along with Brightlingsea Foodbank, of Colchester Food Bank, (which operates under the auspices of the Trussell Trust) due to the fact that 49 adults and 20 children in crisis from the Wivenhoe area were helped by the Colchester branch during the financial year 2016 to 2017 year. Anyone could find themselves in a crisis situation, as a result of family breakdown, redundancy, physical or mental health issues, or late payment of benefits (increasingly common with the rollout of Universal Credit), when payment of existing financial obligations, mortgages, rent, utilities, loans etc., leaves little money for groceries or other essential goods. That is why we are here;  we are widening our pool of local voucher holders, (we can also issue vouchers ourselves) and continually publicising our services. The CAB, teachers, GPs and local ministers are voucher holders who can signpost people to the Food Bank. Clients can pop in for a cuppa, some soup, a chat with volunteers, and be given a balanced selection of groceries and essential toiletries according to the size of their family to help them through an emergency. We are a friendly bunch of volunteers, and clients can be assured of a warm, confidential welcome - I emphasise that neither clients nor volunteers have to be religious. 

Update: We would like to send our gratitude to the local organisations and individuals who have supported us by making generous donations to the foodbank since we opened, including The Mayor's Fund, The Wivenhoe Society, The Darts League, Reel Lives, Bumps and Babies and Janine Ford (yoga teacher).

STOP PRESS - Latest donors are Wivenhoe Funny Farm. Grateful thanks to all concerned!

Also, in the financial year 2017-2018, the number of Wivenhoe area clients travelling to Colchester Foodbank increased by 61% to 79 adults (plus dependent children).  The number actually attending our Wivenhoe Foodbank itself is gradually increasing, but we are trying to encourage more clients going to Colchester to save the travel costs and stay local, so If you know anyone who might need our help, or have a general query, they can e-mail: [email protected]  


  • News Update: Many thanks from all the Wivenhoe Foodbank team to a pupil from Colchester County High School for the generous donation this week, much appreciated. Also, as a satellite of Colchester Foodbank, we congratulate Michael Beckett and the team for winning the small charities category of the Charities Against Fraud Award. 
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    Many thanks as always from Wivenhoe Foodbank (local satellite of Colchester Foodbank) to the generous Wivenhoe folk who donate food items, toiletries, and knapsacks on a regular or basis. 

    The difficulties in accessing Universal Credit, and the delayed payment of this and other benefits, continue to be the main reasons the clients who use our Foodbank, find themselves in a crisis where they cannot afford food and cleaning products. In this Mental Health Week, an article in the "i" newspaper today highlights the crises people face when they lose their jobs through mental health issues and have no idea or capacity to access .     

    Universal credit:
    At the Wivenhoe Foodbank, we offer a warm welcome and refreshments to all who need help; as well as helping clients by supplying practical food and household items, we can signpost clients to organisations that will help them with the issues they are facing. The Foodbank is open every Thursday from 10 - 12 a.m at the Congregational Church in the High Street, and we also operate an out of hours service  - telephone contacts 07904397605/ 07899805803
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